Volunteer Leadership

Ed Hajim

‘‘We're needed now. For the first time in some of our lives, America is truly challenged. We need solutions for energy, the economy, education, and health care.

The University of Rochester is positioned to tackle these problems. We have the leadership. We have the momentum. This is our moment.’’

Ed Hajim
Board Chair

Campaign Cabinet

(As of November 1, 2014)

Executive Committee

Cathy E. Minehan ’68
Campaign Co-Chair

Richard B. Handler ’83
Campaign Co-Chair

Edmund A. Hajim ’58
Board Chair

Robert B. Goergen ’60
Honorary Chair

Richard T. Aab
E. Philip Saunders
Vice Chairs – Medical Center
Danny Wegman (Honorary Chair)

G. Robert Witmer, Jr. ’59
Vice Chair – Rochester

Thomas R. Sloan ’65, ’67 (MS)
Vice Chair – East Coast

Edmund A. Hajim ’58
Vice Chair – Metro NYC

Gail A. Lione ’71
Vice Chair – Central U.S.

Laurence H. Bloch ’75, P’13
Vice Chair – West Coast

Joel Seligman

Thomas J. Farrell ’88, ’90W (MS)
Senior Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer

School Chairs

Hugo F. Sonnenschein ’61
John H. Bruning
Arts, Sciences & Engineering

George W. Hamlin, IV
Eastman School of Music

Janice M. Willett ’78S (MBA)
Simon School of Business

William M. Carpenter
Warner Graduate School of Education

Paul F. Griner, M.D. ’59M (MD)
School of Medicine and Dentistry

Roger B. Friedlander ’56
Fay W. Whitney ’60, ’61N
Loretta C. Ford (Honorary Chair)
School of Nursing

Izchak Barzilay ’86D (Den), ’91D (MS)
Eastman Institute for Oral Health

Special Initiatives

Gwen M. Greene ’65
Annual Fund

H. Christopher Boehning ’87, ’88 (MS)

Launcelot F. Drummond ’85S (MBA)
Kathy N. Waller ’80, ’83S (MBA)

Mark S. Ain ’67S (MBA)

Alan F. Hilfiker ’60
Estate & Planned Giving

Nathan F. Moser ’75
George Eastman Circle

Andrew R. Gallina
Charlotte Herrera
Memorial Art Gallery

Kathleen A. Murray ’77
River Campus Libraries

Larry Cohen ’66
Nancy A. Lieberman ’77

Timothy and Robin Wentworth P’11, P’16

Paul Burgett ’68E, ’72E (MA), ’76E (PhD)
Elizabeth R. McAnarney, M.D.
Kevin J. Parker
Faculty & Staff

URMC Units and Hospitals

Daniel J. Chessin
Rina F. Chessin
Flaum Eye Institute

Elizabeth R. McAnarney, M.D.
Mark R. Siewert
J. Michael Smith
Golisano Children's Hospital

Michael F. Buckley
Mark A. Eidlin
Highland Hospital

Richard T. Bell
Robert W. Kessler

Thomas C. Wilmot (Honorary Chair)
James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute

Dennis Kessler
Laurence Kessler
Strong Memorial Hospital

John F. Kraushaar
Visiting Nurse Service

URMC Areas of Focus

Sharon Napier
Health & Prevention

Robert A. Gordon
Heart & Vascular

Gary A. Dake
Elaine Del Monte

Keith Nickoloff
Norman Leenhouts (Honorary Chair)

(Mobility currently being formed)

Regional Campaigns

Stephen D. Fantone ’79 (PhD)

Stephen G. Down ’88, ’95S (MBA)
Hugo F. Sonnenschein '61

Elizabeth F. Cullen ’66
Neil H. Cullen ’64
Delaware Valley

Barry W. Florescue ’66
Alan F. Hilfiker ’60

Mark Gabrellian ’79
Metro NYC: Manhattan

Adam Gross ’92
Heath Rosenblat ’95
Metro NYC: New Leaders

Robert Babkowski ’86, ’90M (MD), ’95M (Res)
Metro NYC: Westchester/Fairfield

Mike Rosen ’82, ’83S (MBA)
San Diego

Joseph W. Abrams ’74S (MBA)
Carol D. Karp ’74, P'12
San Francisco Bay

Diane Ambler ’71
Marty Stern ’79, ’80S (MBA)
Washington, D.C.

(Los Angeles and Texas currently being formed)