Stories of Impact


The impact of The Meliora Challenge on the University and the extended communities it serves cannot be told in a single story. The effects of the Campaign are best exemplified through the stories of its benefactors (University alumni, faculty, parents, and friends) and beneficiaries (our students, faculty, and those who benefit from our programs, research, and facilities). We hope you are inspired, fascinated, and moved by these examples of philanthropy, accomplishment, and gratitude.

Student Support

Diana Pratt 

Diana Pratt ’13

Dr. Nathaniel and Helen Wisch
Endowed Scholarship Recipient

During her first two years, Diana’s talent and ambition far exceeded her financial means. To help with her many expenses, she chose to work three part-time jobs. The resulting restriction on her time limited her opportunities to engage in extra-curricular and research activities that could help further her goals. Read more...


Michael Lightman 

Michael Lightman ’14S

Sue and David Reh
Scholarship Fund Recipient

When tenacious individuals like Mike have the support of generous benefactors like Sue and David Reh, there is virtually no limit to the reach of aspirations. Whether it is a language, a skill, or even an ocean, Mike has been successful because of his refusal to let a barrier remain a barrier. Read more...


Faculty Support

Jannick Rolland Jannick Rolland, Ph.D.

Brian J. Thompson Professor in Optical Engineering

Over the course of her career at the University of Rochester, Dr. Rolland has developed a distinguished track record in research and education. Thanks to a generous donor, the University was able to recognize her accomplishments through an endowed professorship. Read more...

Research/Program Support

Ron and Pat Wilkins Ron and Pat Wilkins

URMC Memory Care Program

Alzheimer’s disease is often accompanied by a feeling of helplessness because it cannot be delayed, prevented, or cured. However, it is not a feeling that has ever been embraced by either Ron or Pat. Despite a devastating diagnosis, Pat championed her own cause for as long as she was able, becoming a dedicated and award-winning advocate and Alzheimer’s fundraiser. Read more...

Deanne Molinari Deanne Molinari ’58

Connecting People with Art

A life that has been molded and enriched by the arts has evolved to include advocacy and ardent support, particularly at the Memorial Art Gallery. Deanne’s philanthropy and volunteer involvement at the Gallery is furthering its efforts to integrate with the surrounding community and reach new audiences. Read more...

Annual Fund Support (George Eastman Circle)

Breens Norman and Phyllis Breen

Norm was Strong Memorial Hospital’s 86th heart transplant patient.

“We give through the George Eastman Circle to ensure the outstanding care that I received is there for others, and to advance research efforts under way to enable even better outcomes in the future.” Read more...

Feuermans Kurt A. Feuerman P’11

Shown with his son, William Feuerman ’11

“The faculty at Rochester are outstanding and an incredibly important part of [my son’s] and other students’ education. Through my support of the University, I hope to help contribute to the enrichment of its professors.” Read more...

Nelsons Kristin K. Nelson P’12

Shown with her daughter, Ashley Nelson ’12

“I think it’s important that people realize that tuition does not cover the ‘real’ cost of an education and all the extra opportunities that the University of Rochester gives its students. My renewed support through the George Eastman Circle helps ensure the opportunities for research, the support from faculty, and the encouragement to be the best you can be.” Read more...