Scholarships Initiative

Student support is among the highest priorities of The Meliora Challenge.

Throughout the University of Rochester’s history, we have welcomed students based on their talent and academic potential. And when they graduate, they aspire to make significant contributions in their professional fields, throughout their communities, and around the world.

Because of the rising cost of tuition, there are many students who have the dream, talent, and commitment to receive a Rochester education, but they lack the financial resources to turn their aspirations into realities. For these students, endowed scholarships and fellowships can create life-changing opportunities.

Our goal is to raise $225 million for student support. Increasing the University’s number of endowed scholarships and fellowships is critical to the achievement of this goal and ensuring our ability to continue to attract high-performing students, offer a diverse learning community, and reduce the amount of debt students carry after graduation.

University of Rochester students have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders. They deserve every opportunity to excel and to reduce their concerns about the cost of higher education. Here are two ways you can invest in our students and our future.

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

Create Your Legacy

Endowed scholarships and fellowships from all schools within the University are invested collectively in the University of Rochester’s long-term investment pool. Funding an endowed scholarship creates enduring tuition support and opportunities for talented students with financial need. Endowed scholarships and fellowships can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000, and they last the life of the University, making them true investments in the University and future generations of students.

“The rising cost of higher education has turned hopes of being accepted into hopes of being able to finance. Too many students and their families are currently making choices based on where they will receive the most money, rather than where they will receive the best education. Endowed scholarships and fellowships help shift the focus back to where it belongs.”

—Larry Cohen ’66 and Nancy Lieberman ’77, co-chairs of the Scholarships Initiative

There are numerous ways to fund endowed scholarships or fellowships. To learn more about establishing an endowment, click here.

George Eastman Circle Scholarships

Make an Immediate Difference

George Eastman Circle Scholarships are an opportunity to have an immediate impact on students by providing current-use funds, which are disbursed as soon as the following academic year. George Eastman Circle Scholarships help qualified and deserving students pursue their dreams with fewer of the burdens and limitations that come with debt.

With a minimum commitment of $5,000 annually for five or more years, these unrestricted scholarships can be awarded in your name or a name of your choosing. You may also specify which school your scholarship supports.

To learn more about how you can help make a difference in the life of a student through this exciting program, please contact the George Eastman Circle office at (585) 276-5581 or email

Williams GEC Scholarship

Whorf GEC Scholarship: Caring Across Generations

Robert Whorf ’98M (MD), ’01M (Res) & Patty Whorf, are helping future doctors and leaders at the University of Rochester through their support of The Whorf George Eastman Circle Scholarship for undergraduate students, as well as their support of students at the School of Medicine and Dentistry through the George Eastman Circle.
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