Conceptual rendering of Morey Hall lobby provided by HOLT Architects.


When Morey Hall was built more than 80 years ago, its main entry lobby was a welcoming, open space. Upon walking through the entry for the first time in 2012, University Trustee Ronald Rettner found a much tighter space, but he could still see its beauty, its character, and above all, its tremendous potential.

To preserve the utility and enhance the quality of the University’s academic buildings and spaces—particularly those on the River Campus’ Eastman Quad—Ron established the Ronald Rettner Campus Improvement Fund. Beginning in summer 2014, the fund will initiate renovations that, among other improvements, return Morey Hall’s lobby to its original design and purpose, as well as for use as a multifunctional space for events and meetings.

“A project such as this is especially important because it helps preserve the historical foundation of our University,” said President Joel Seligman. “I am deeply grateful to Ron for starting and supporting this fund. He understands there is great value in nurturing and transforming existing facilities so that they may benefit our University community for years to come.”

Morey Hall, which connects to Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation, will also undergo significant renovation in its main corridor and receive several cosmetic updates that add comfort and vibrancy.

“My vision is to facilitate the transformation of the buildings, making them state-of-the-art,” said Ron. “We can change the ambiance of these spaces, making them attractive, highly functional, bright and stimulating, and do it for a small fraction of the cost of a new building.”

Ron, president of Rettner Management and managing partner of Baron Associates in Yonkers, N.Y., is a passionate proponent and supporter of educational and community advancement and has worked with numerous organizations on redevelopment projects that have revitalized business districts and neighborhoods.

In addition to this commitment, Ron provided the lead gift to build Rettner Hall, a venue for students to explore hands-on practical skills and gain knowledge to navigate and excel in a fast-paced, digitally-oriented world. He is also a George Eastman Circle member.

You can read more about this gift and the initial project in Morey Hall in the official press release here.

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