Create an Endowment

Endowments and Naming Opportunities

Endowment gifts to the University of Rochester ensure support for today while providing educational and research excellence and innovation far into the future. Endowed gifts are invested and managed by the University in perpetuity. A portion of the investment earnings is spent, while the original gifts are preserved as principal. In this way, endowed gifts have far greater earning power—a one-time gift lasts forever. Rochester's overall endowment supports education and research, financial aid, facilities, and the latest technology. With a strong endowment, the University can recruit the best faculty, researchers, health care professionals, and students; keep up with new knowledge and develop new ways to share it; and attract the most visionary leaders.

Donors may restrict gifts for specific purposes such as establishing student scholarships, creating professorships, instituting new programs, or constructing new facilities. Unrestricted gifts can support general operations or special initiatives.

Endowment gifts must be accompanied by formal gift agreements. Endowments are typically named after the donor(s) or a person(s) the donor wishes to honor. They may be established by a one-time gift, a series of gifts, a pledge paid over a period of five years, wills, trusts, gifts of appreciated assets, or a combination of these. Gifts can be added to an established endowment at any time. The University of Rochester Board of Trustees and its appropriate committees—through the recommendations of University Advancement—have established the endowment funding minimums shown here. Depending on specific program needs, the donor's objectives, and the type of gift, higher amounts may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Faculty Development, Recruitment, and Retention Funding Minimums

$5 million
Department Chair
$3 million
$2.5 million
Distinguished Professorship
$2 million
$1.5 million
Visiting Professorship
$1 million

Student Awards and Financial Assistance

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
(minimum $50,000 to initiate)
University Patron Scholarship
$1 million
Benefactor Scholarship
Supporting Scholarship

Other Endowment Funds

Minimum Requirement

Programs and Facilities

The named gift levels for schools, units, institutes, departments, centers, and academic programs are established on a case-by-case basis. The same is true for buildings and interior spaces such as classrooms and laboratories.